Posted by: ali | April 11, 2008


This is my first entry, and considering the time of day during which I am writing this, I will keep it short and sweet.

Upon becoming vice president of the school MSA, I gained access to the MSA’s email account and recieved numerous messages from people stating that our MSA was ‘bidah’ due to it being a co-ed gathering of students with no partition (which I will also discuss later).

So we shall look at the definition of ‘bidah’

‘Bidah’ is defind as ‘innovation’, which is defind on as “something new or different introduced“. In the Islamic sense, this would be introducing something new to the religion which was not part of it before, especially in worship. Examples would be pretty much anything that the Prophet Muhammad (S) did not do in the form of worship. We can’t perform three sajdas (prostration) during a prayer thinking we will get more rewards, for this would be introducting something new to the religion, and hence would be bidah.

So when someone claims that our MSA is ‘bidah’, how accurate is that, considering that we are simply a group of people discussing things, and it is not something new added to the religion regarding worship.

I am not writing this only regarding the emails, but the fact of the matter is, many Muslims nowadays use the term ‘bidah’ so loosely, without thinking about what they are actually saying. It’s actually more of an insult to the speaker since they don’t know what they are talking about; but to all of us, there is a simple definition to remember: bidah is anything new added to the religion regarding worship. Simple as that.



  1. It’s my first time see the word “bidah”. ya. I know, I need to work on Arabic. 1st of all, congradulations. didn’t know you are the vice of MSA. I love MSA since it’s a group of younger believers all together in the same enviroment. But sometimes, ppl don’t really take it seriously. I don’t know. like your other blog, I think it’s really bad that ppl group in this religion. shi’a, revert, Indian, pakistan, Arab, Asian, Black… why does it matters? I know everyone has been saying that over and over. and sadly, a lot of ppl still think or do like that. include the youngsters. 😦 I don’t know. when you find out why or when you discover a pure minded society without pre-justist or racisism, let me know. (man, I can’t even spell, so tired). Salaam…

  2. You should respond with hadiths of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the sahaba. Muslims back then would talk openly with women and men together. Aisha was a leader in her own right and many men came with questions about our Prophet and about Islam.

    Innovations is telling a women that she cant be in the presence of a man. Innovations is telling a woman that she isnt allowed in the same masjid as men. Innovations is men imposing their rules with no basis whatsoever

  3. Assalaamualaikum!
    Ali this is a great effort and I appreciate all of it.
    Keep on with the dedication and hard work.
    Also it is pretty enlightening.
    Thanks a lot and InshaAllah you’ll progress more in it.

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